Behind the Glen Canyon dam: past and future

The Bureau of Reclamation finished building the Glen Canyon Dam in 1963, forever altering Glen Canyon, located in northern Arizona just south of the Utah state line.

The dam cooled the temperature of the Colorado River, reduced sediment flows downstream of the dam making the water clearer, and stopped flooding.

There has been resistance from environmentalists against Glen Canyon Dam since before it was built, and now some argue the dam should be taken down regardless of the environmental and economic impact that could have.

The surrounding areas rely heavily on tourist attractions and activities that were created after the dam was built. And, with the number of tradeoffs created because of the Glen Canyon Dam, the question of, “What do we do next?” remains unanswered. Students Courtney Mally, Marissa Roper and Maya Patrose visited the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to talk to people about its future.