Urban oil drilling and fracking face opposition

Culver City California is an iconic Southern California community that was founded on the movie industry 100 years ago, sitting nestled in the heart of Los Angeles County.

Hollywood is to the North, L-A International Airport is to the South and the Pacific Ocean is to the West.
Next door to Culver City sits the nearly 100 year old Inglewood Oil Field.

This thousand acre oil field is the largest urban oil field in the U.S. with its 1700 oil wells, 500 of which are currently active. 10 percent of the Inglewood Oil Field is located directly in Culver City.

The Inglewood Oil Field is unlike any other in the nation because it is smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles County, which is the most populated county in the country.

Homes, parks and schools surround the field. In fact, some of the oil wells literally sit in the backyards of people’s homes. The former Mayor of Culver City and current city council member Meghan Sahli-Wells is proposing a new approach.