Renewable Energy

Coming Clean: An Elemental Special Interactive Series

Elemental: Covering Sustainability examines the traditions of the oil and gas industry and the transitions toward renewable energy in the west, as part of a multimedia collaboration with our public media partners in California, Arizona & Colorado.
A poster that says, "The irony of an electric car named Tesla, and what a small town in colorado had to do with it

The Irony of an Electric Car Named ‘Tesla’

A little history lesson on the "War of the Currents" can go a long way in understanding the current energy grid and the future of electric cars (including those named Tesla).

As Relicensing Looms, Aging Dams Face a Reckoning

Green power source or fish killer? As older dams around the West come up for relicensing, owners must spend heavily to fix problems, while new energy sources are getting cheaper.