Climate Change

Nature’s ASMR: How Deep Listening Could Help Save the Environment

An Arizona State University professor uses sound to help understand the environment, which potentially could help predict climate change.


Poop on Public Lands Prompts Feds to Clamp Down on Dispersed Camping

Trampled vegetation, improperly buried human waste and growing crowds have all spurred the Bureau of Land Management to propose restricting some dispersed camping areas.

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Tempest in a Teapot: Can California Better Use Winter Storms to Refill its Aquifers?

To ease the pain of drought and new policy, engineers are looking to harness an unconventional source of water: the torrential storms that blast across the Pacific Ocean and soak California.

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Renewable Energy

While Colorado is Ready For More Renewable Energy, the Grid Isn’t — For Now

The grid was never designed to handle the more fluctuating energy renewables provide and energy providers worry that all that new clean energy could test its limits.

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