Climate Change

Extreme Weather Galvanizes Believers of Climate Change but Doesn’t Persuade Skeptics

Scientists point to worsening floods, more powerful hurricanes and larger wildfires as evidence of climate change – but many Americans remain unconvinced.


A ‘Climate of Fear’ Accelerates Existing Labor Shortages on California’s Farms

As field hands rethink traveling to the U.S., some farmers have been forced to watch their produce rot in the fields. Many others are cutting back acreage.

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Renewable Energy

Electric Vehicle Chargers at Grand Canyon Reduce ‘Range Anxiety’ for Park Visitors

BMW of North America donated 100 electric vehicle charging stations to national parks across America, including six at Grand Canyon National Park.

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Unquenchable Thirst: Groundwater Bill Could Shift California’s Water Management Approach

Could the desert, specifically the Mojave Desert, one of the most arid regions on this blue planet, become a rich repository of water?

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