Climate Change

SoCal’s Super Green Spring May Pose a Red Hot Danger

The end of drought conditions and fantastic foliage are a welcome start to spring, but long-time L.A. residents know these conditions can quickly lead to drying plants and wildfire danger.


Blasting Graffiti Helps Heal Nature but Exposes Generational Divide in the Great Outdoors

Natural Restorations, an Arizona nonprofit that removes trash and graffiti from outdoor recreation and wilderness areas, works with veterans to help them heal as well.

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Tribes’ Role in Drought Contingency Plan Marks Turning Point for Inclusion

A multi-state drought plan to preserve water levels in the Colorado River Basin had critical input from Arizona’s tribes, setting a new precedent for water rights in Indian Country.

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Renewable Energy

Colorado’s Oil and Gas Regulators Must Now Consider Public Health and Safety

After years of tension over expanded oil and gas drilling, including a deadly explosion that galvanized critics, Colorado is moving to tighten regulations on the booming industry.

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