Big Cats, Cameras and Coexistence: Learning to Live with Jaguars

Jaguars once roamed the Americas from Argentina to Arizona. To ensure the survival of the endangered cat, conservationists are working to change the minds of ranchers in Sonora, Mexico.

Climate Change

Ranchers Want Dams to Protect Against Drought, But Could They Worsen Climate Change?

Wetlands on undammed waterways can cover as little as 2% of the landscape but hold 15% to 30% of the carbon. But if reservoirs hold all the water, those riparian areas will dry up and lose the ability to hold carbon.

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Renewable Energy

As Plant Faces Closure, New Mexico City Weighs Bet on Clean Coal Technology

With New Mexico committed to decarbonizing its electricity by 2045, leaders in the Farmington, New Mexico region are considering whether to back an uncertain carbon-capture technology.

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Utah Presses Forward on Lake Powell Pipeline Despite Strains on Colorado River

The Colorado River is dwindling and the West is getting warmer and drier, but communities all along the river basin are pushing for costly water projects.

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